Our Return Policy

General Policy

1. Minimum purchase order requirements for prepaid freight are $500 and solid case pack multiples. Orders under $500 may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges.

2. Purchases orders will be accepted via fax, email, EDI, or mail only.

3. Orders will be shipped regular ground freight. Any expedited or special routing shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and may be subject to additional handling charges.

4. Past due invoices beyond 30 days will be charged interest at the rate of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance.

5. Deliveries with shortages or overages must be reported to Somerset Customer Service department: (513)354-2665, Ext 2119 within 72 hours of receipt. Please provide the following information: invoice number, invoice date, NDC#(s), product name & strength, package size, and nature of shipping error.

6. Deliveries with damages must be reported to Somerset Customer Service (513)354-2665, Ext 2119 within 72 hours of receipt along with a signed bill of lading noting the damage. Concealed shortages, overages or damages must be reported to Somerset Customer Service within ten days of receipt.

Return Policy

1. No merchandise can be returned without receiving prior Return Authorization. Unauthorized returns will be refused.

2. All return requests will be reviewed and a Return Authorization number will be issued at the

discretion of Somerset.

3. Only product purchased directly from Somerset or a Somerset authorized wholesaler/distributor will be accepted for return. Non-direct accounts shall return product to respective wholesaler/distributor.

4. A Return Authorization number can be requested as follows:

     a. Accessing the Inmar website at https://returns.healthcare.inmar.com (you will need to upload a PDF copy of your debit memo)

     b. E-mail your debit memo to [email protected] Be sure to include NDC#, lot# and expiration dates assigned to each item.

     c. Fax your debit memo to Inmar at 817-868-5343

5. The Return Authorization number must be clearly visible on all return documents and package(s). Package(s) with no Return Authorization number will not be accepted.

6. Transportation of all authorized returns is to be prepaid and received within thirty days from the issuance of the Return Authorization number. A 25% restocking charge will be applied to all returns.

Non-returnable Items

1. Product outside Returnable Items time period.

2. Partial or open bottles, except where required by law.

3. Product with the label removed or which has been damaged by fire, smoke, heat, improper handling or storage and/or product which has been opened, seals broken, or disfigured.

4. Product stated non-returnable at the time of sale

5. Private label products.

Returnable Items

Expired product purchased directly from Somerset in original sealed unopened container six months prior and up to twelve months beyond expiration date.


1. A credit memo will be issued by Somerset after the returns are received and inspected. Deduction without prior authorization from Somerset is not permitted.

2. Credit will be issued at the lower of the current contract price, indirect price, or actual price paid.

3. Where a contract or indirect price does not exist, product will be valuated at a standard market price.

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