Somerset Therapeutics Business History

About Us

Somerset Pharma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company that sources and markets generic injectable and ophthalmic drugs.  

Somerset Pharma was founded to be sales and marketing organization primarily involved in commercializing products sourced from Somerset Therapeutics LLC. The company has in a very short time built a significant portfolio of critical drugs allowing us to build relationship with all the customers in the industry on the institutional as well as retail side. The company is one of the few companies of our size with focus on US only. This allows us to customize our strategies, management time and resources to US healthcare space

The company’s management team comprises of set of leaders with management and entrepreneurial experience with considerable career accomplishments:

  • Track record of successful commercial launches of over 300 drug products with revenues of $800 million.
  • Savings to customers and patients exceeding $3 billion through quality generic products.
  • Exceptional compliance record with the FDA and many other regulatory agencies (DEA, EPA, etc.).
  • Ownership and promoters have significant experience creating, building and managing organizations.
  • Cross functional senior management team with years of experience
  • Creation of 500 domestic scientific jobs and employment of 400 international scientific jobs.

Somerset Pharma today works with multiple strategic partners including Odin Pharmaceuticals (based in New Jersey, USA), Somerset Therapeutics Ltd. (based in Bangalore, India). These partnerships assist the company have access to a steady portfolio of products and establish itself as a premier pharmaceutical company in United States.

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